Why I started Homebody State of Mind

When I first started I began with an Instagram page with the handle @homebodystateofmind I knew that I wanted to share my love for Interior Design and Recreation Therapy (keep an eye out for my next blog when I get into this a little more).

I was really using the platform as a self-expression and creative space for me to share and keep myself out of an all too familiar anxiety and depression pit (#IYKYK)!  Little did I know I would be opening a whole new world of opportunities in the online space! 

Chapter 1 

I started @homebodystateofmind on Instagram to share about my life and have a creative outlet. I started doing little projects around my house and sharing some DIY experiments. This was something I really enjoyed since I’ve always loved planning creative pursuits and making my house a home. 

Chapter 2 

I was hired as a Virtual Assistant (VA), then started freelancing and creating content for other business owners. I shared about what I was up to as a VA and some lifestyle stuff still on IG. I primarily designed for small business owners’ and wellness professionals’ Instagram posts, stories, email freebies, and social media banners along with planning and scheduling content for them too. I started attracting therapists and other female wellness professionals into my corner and found my background in healthcare really complimented their small businesses. 

Chapter 3

I found web design! This is what really changed the game for me. Now cue, my brain practically exploding. I could merge, what I love: being creative, helping others find their strengths, home decor, and design, my education as a Recreation Therapist, my multi-passionate self, and creating a business. I love being able to combine all of my skills and support other women entrepreneurs by creating beautiful things for their small businesses. 


Here we are today. My why has never changed, even as my career path has. My why is to help others. I get to do that by using my creativity and design. I’m always open to what the world has to offer as I grow as a person and business owner, but I know I will always come back to that why.

I’m so looking forward to this upcoming year and to adding to the chapters of my business. I wouldn’t be where I am without you. Whether you’ve been here from the start or you’re just discovering me now, thank you for making my dreams a reality. Thank you for being here. I’ll be here to cheer you on and support you when you need it!


January 3, 2023

I went from working in healthcare & feeling like something was missing to thriving in the online space as a creative & Showit web designer.

As a self-proclaimed homebody, I've blended my love for home + design into helping you create a home online that's so comfy and welcoming, your potential clients won't want to click away.  I want to help you feel super confident about sharing your website with your clients. After all, it's a reflection of you and your brand, and I want to make sure it's totally you!

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